A Mind of Their Own: From Objectivity to Functionality, Part IV

Written by Natashia Fuksman, MA

Note: All names and client details have been altered to protect each woman’s confidentiality and privileged information.

Part Four of a Four Part Series

Our Breasts: Big and Small…

During a recent yoga class, my beloved teacher read us Yoga Sutra, 1.40. The sutra’s focus is on developing the rich and complex capacity to both focus on the small, perhaps tiny perspectives, as well as the great magnitude of the largest of large perspectives. In life, most of us gravitate towards certain cylces. Some of us more naturally focus on the smaller perspectives and some of us the overall scheme of things.

Our breasts have a personal history for us which greatly impacts our identity with them. As we are alive, their history grows and shifts. Just like mementos, our breasts have transforming storylines of identity. Breasts also have a connection that deals with their universality— how are breasts experienced in our nuclear families, in our culture; our world history? Our breasts are big and small in the context of our energetic being. They have their own name, because they are an identified part of the female human body. Simultaneously, they are part of the whole that is our body. Meanwhile, our body is a part of the sum of our family; our community; our world. Our relationships with our own breasts are inextricably independent and at the same time connected to one another.

I am certain that my breasts are a huge part of my family. My relationship with them will greatly impact how my boys interact with their own bodies and with other’s bodies in their lifetimes. I am not fully responsible for how they interact with anything, and yet, I affect it all the time. As my awareness, acceptance and compassion for my breasts grows, I show my children/spouse/friends/clients/community how to do the same with their bodies. Not through my high horse but through how I live with my body and use it as my instrument in interacting with others. So, I am writing about my breasts and the universal context of Breasts. I am also writing about our whole selves. Increasing our awareness to include our breasts as a particular part of our being/identity, as well as part of the whole of our body/mind/life energy force allows opening the dialogue of who we are and how we are currently interacting with our life. The spectrum of objectivity to functionality is simply focused on the particular area and vested people’s perspectives of breasts. 

Are you more inclined, in your nature to think about the specifics or to think of the grand perspective? The next time you develop an awareness about your breasts, perhaps you may be interested in engaging in the challenge of the immediate experience you are having with your boobs and then widening that to your experience as your whole being. On the other hand, you might be more inclined to generally think about the larger perspective, perhaps the mass media’s breast objectification obsession. When you are in that mind-set, might you want to invite yourself to also experience the reality of being turned on through your own breasts, in your own mind, in your singular reality? Playing with holding the tension of the varying perspectives and becoming aware of your natural gravitation in perspective is authentically engaging with yourself. Enticing yourself to live anew and shift your awareness. Feel your power in times when you are so aroused, you don’t wanna shift your focus. It’s your mind and they are your breasts. Enjoy them fully and those around you will benefit from the acceptance you have in yourself.

This is Part IV of a four part series.
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This Article was originally published in Milk Mag, 2015, Distributed by Boobie-Palooza 

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