From Gourmet Fondue to Mac-n-Cheese: Reflections on Postpartum Intimacy

Everyone comes into parenthood differently. Some of us have been in the same intimate relationship for years and then have a baby. Some of us get pregnant by chance and then begin our relationship. All of us experience a completely new sense of self once we begin parenting. As parents, we become fully responsible for our new fully dependent babies....[ read more ]

The Role of the Doula with Couples

  August 18, 2014 The role of doulas in working with couples varies per each couples needs and desires as well as per each doulas awareness, intuition and energy in working with women and their partners. I had the honor of presenting a talk on this topic to The East Bay Doula Group this past August in Berkeley, California. Please feel...[ read more ]

On Parenting Camps and Empowerment

Regarding: "New Study Confirms it: Breast-feeding Benefits Drastically Overstated" Article by Jessica Grose Ms. Grose's  opens up space for mothers to make decisions about how to raise their children that best fits their lives, as opposed to following an over simplified doctrine from an outside source--an ironically disempowering concept. How to figure out what suites any particular mother or family comes...[ read more ]

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