Mementos Process

“The way you think about your body leads to the way you treat it.” – Deepak Chopra, MD.

The Mementos Process uses photo therapy as a means of connecting how we see ourselves with how we feel within. We generally move about the world feeling a certain way. Upon seeing images of ourselves, loaded reactions inevitably arise ranging from excitement about how we look to sheer contempt of what the camera captured. This deep connection that exists in the relationship between your image in a photo and your feelings about your image is the stepping off grounds of The Mementos Process.  In therapy we work on developing empathy and compassion for what you are not ready to embrace, relish what you are and explore the roots of your fantasy and reality selves.  The images created eventually become mementos of a time period in your life.
I include the Mementos Process during individual, couple and group therapy, when it is clinically indicated and desired as part of your treatment plan.

The Mementos Process for couples involves the photographic process with a therapeutic focus on you as a couple, your current level of communication and intimacy and your desired level of connection/intimacy. Both individual and couple portraiture is shot and used in sessions. These visuals are used as a tool during therapy to work on issues related to the development of greater intimacy, compassion and love for yourself and in relationship with your partner.

Mementos Process Groups use the process of photo therapy and looking at one’s image within a support group to identify and transform critical self thoughts to self acceptance and compassion. A Mementos Group will include both individual therapeutic sessions with me (when portraits are shot and debriefing occurs) and supportive group sessions. Join Natashia this summer for: Mementos Process Group for Women: Reflections on Self-Image and Health.

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