Therapy Services

Areas of Expertise and Focus:

  • Sex Therapy
  • Intimacy & Communication
  • Body Image & Self Acceptance
  • Birth & Trauma Counseling
  • Child Development
  • Co-Parenting
  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Professional Transitions

Are you experiencing a transitional time period (getting married, having a baby, a change in career, etc.)? Transitional time periods are often coupled with overwhelm, grief, loss, tons of newness and uncertainty. That’s a lot! And, these times can be especially difficult times to bond with loved ones around us, making us feel even more isolated.

Many of my clients are high performing individuals or couples who are finding themselves in a difficult time period, where they may not feel their strength, may feel a lot of vulnerability and are in search of what to do. People who are used to high achievement, are usually great problem solvers and very self-reliant–so not knowing how to deal with grief when you have a new baby or lack of connection when you are committed to a relationship, can feel especially frustrating. It can lower self esteem and confidence. Problem solving doesn’t make the newness and overwhelm go away. Through mindfulness-based somatic therapy we will work on skills-building and tools for living with uncertainty with gentleness and grace. You can learn to have that inner critic be present, but not control you. You can also learn that uncertainty can mean an amazing journey into possibilities, rather than bathing in insecurity. As you learn how to care for yourself with greater depth during this bumpy time, your relationships with yourself and others will feel more connected and loving.

**About Sex Therapy: 

Often, our sexual pleasure is linked to our emotional world. Are you finding it hard to figure out how to connect with yourself or your partner sexually? I will work with you to develop safety in exploring pleasure, connection and desire. Sometimes our bodies have changed and it’s hard to navigate our new terrain, causing pressure along with shame and guilt. I will support you in developing communication tools within the realm of intimate connection.

Sexual fulfillment is huge in  longterm loving relationships! Seeking support to help bond with your partner is not a weakness…it’s a gift, an investment in you personally and in your relationship with your partner.

Please visit the workshops page for more information about my ongoing mindfulness based meditation & conversation groups for Perinatal Care Providers, as well as Mothers of all ages and stages, New Mom Support Groups with Oakland Mom2Mom and upcoming talks & workshops about Intimacy, and support groups for women and couples incorporating mind-body connections.

***Trabajo con clientes en Inglés, Español y Portugués (Brasil)

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